VandaCare is a secure online Web App that gives patients convenient, 24-hour access to personal health information from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Who will need VandaCare

John (Patient)

John is one of the VandaCare User whom with chronic diseases.
Firstly, John make appointment of Dr Tan Clinic via VandaCare
Secondly, John can review his clinical history via VandaCare
Thirdly, John can check his current drug use , such as usage, frequency, consume method, indication, precaution etc..
Fourthly, John can access to the third party Database , such as Micromedex (Evidence-based drug and disease) to search the information regarding the medicine and disease

Peter (John's family)

Peter is very concerned about the health situation of his father, John.
Firstly, Peter can review his father's clinical history via VandaCare
Secondly, Peter can review his father's clinical history via VandaCare
Thirdly, Peter can check and remind his father regarding the drug usage, drug indication, precaution etc.. via VandaCare

Dr Tan (Doctor)

Dr Tan use VandaCare to provide service to his patient, John
Firstly, Dr Tan can confirm the John's appointment via VandaCare
Secondly, Dr Tan can review John's clinical information and clinical history which John would like to share to doctors
Thirdly, Dr Tan can review and monitor the John's health situation via VandaCare, such as John's blood pressure, blood glucose
Fourthly, Dr Tan can provide indication and instruction to John directly via VandaCare

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