Standard Support Package

Provide truly round the clock support 365 days a year.

Standard Support included in the subscription fee

Online portal - Knowledge base

Will receive a response via email

Unlimited Major and Minor Upgrades. Magicsoft shall provide, as soon as they are made available


Optional Support Package

  • Premium Support – Remote assistance support – will receive a response within the 1 (one) business days
  • Magicsoft Remote Assistance implies close examination of Your system within the framework of the real-time screen sharing. During the Remote Assistance session, an Magicsoft support representative, based on his knowledge and experience, will work out the best way to eliminate the issue.

Terms and conditions

1. Magicsoft has no obligations to provide the Services in the case that You fail to provide necessary information to Magicsoft.

2. Magicsoft shall have no obligation to perform the Services in connection with the Errors resulting from hardware or software not supplied by Magicsoft.

3. Magicsoft will not be required to correct any Error caused by
(a) incorporation or attachment of a feature, program, or device to the Software or any part thereof;
(b) any nonconformance caused by accident, transportation, neglect, misuse, alteration, modification, or enhancement of the Software;
(c) the failure to provide an installation environment recommended for the Software; (d) use of the Software for other than the specific purpose for which the Software is intended;
(e) use of the Software on any systems other than the specified hardware platform for such Software;
(f) if applicable, use of defective media or defective duplication of the Software; or
(g) failure to incorporate any Software revision or patch previously released by Magicsoft which corrects such Error.

4. Support Services do not include:
(a) development of custom computer programs,
(b) repairs or service relating to any third party software or hardware.

5. Out of scope problems
Any time incurred by Magicsoft in diagnosing or fixing problems that are not caused by the Software, or are not covered by this Agreement are billable to You at Magicsoft’s then-existing rates with a one-hour minimum per call.

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